Hi There.

Nothing would make me happier than sitting cross-legged next to your sink, listening to music, brushing your hair while helping you get ready…. Every. Day.

My name is Haldis. I’m a full-time employee, mama of two, with a passion for making pretty things and….I’m great at what I do! Documenting life’s little (and big) moments are what it’s all about.

Pictures are memories. As a girl with, not one… but two grandmas who struggled with memory loss, it’s more important than ever that I document every little detail of my life AND yours.

I want you to look back at the time we had together and remember every little detail. The smell of the trees, the way your partner looked at you or that slight curl on the back of your baby’s head.

Hopefully, you will have so much fun documenting the first journey; you’ll want me with you every step of the way. I hope we grow old together on a beautiful porch in rocking chairs with my camera pointed at our basset hound.

Butternut Blonde is Pro-Diversity, Pro-Equality, Pro-Empowerment, and Pro-Love. We capture all shapes, sizes, and personalities.

PNW Photographer

Bothell, Woodinville, Redmond, Kirkland & Bellevue

I got this!

Let’s do it!